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Sock Monkeys!

Finally finished up my sock monkeys and got them mailed off to Craft Hope just in time – whew! Here are the six that were sent to homes in Texas – yay!


Sock Monkeys for Craft Hope


All week I’ve been busy making sock monkeys for kids in Texas.  Craft Hope puts together these projects for kids periodically. I’m not that great at sewing so I haven’t yet participated, but this project looked easy enough, and they have tutorials on their site. We found some cute socks at Target and gave it a try.


I made a couple monkeys that I tested out on my own monkeys first (actually, they hijacked them), but it helped me realize my first ones were not strong enough to survive the abuse that kids will put on toys :) After re-attaching some limbs we were back in business!



The Good Life

I’ve been taking Amy Tangerine’s class called The Good Life over at BPC. This class has been so fun, and is one of the big reasons I’ve been inspired to get crafty again :)  She makes the cutest reverse applique t-shirts, and the first week she taught us how to make them. It’s a bit addicting!


My first attempt at a camera t- came out a bit crooked! I wouldn’t have gone w/ this combo but it was the only plain non-vneck shirt I could find in my drawer.

I pulled some of my favorite t-shirts that the girls had grown out of, and have been cutting them up to make the appliques. My favorite is this Gap rainbow tank top – I was so sad when Julia grew out of it, and now at least we can use some pieces of it again. Hard to see the bird in this shirt, but it’s about the only good picture I can get of a constant-in-motion almost 2 year old :)



Here’s my very first ones – Amy Butler fabric on the left, one of Ryan’s very first baby outfits from the Gap on the right. I’d been holding onto that little Gap bodysuit forever. Everything else I gave away except that. What on earth was I ever going to do with it? Glad I found a good way to use it :)

A new blanket

I have about 400 crafty ideas running around in my head at any given time, and almost never get to them.  Julia is almost 8 months old now, and I’ve been wanting to make her a baby blanket since she was born.  One of those super soft “minky” blankets that are so snuggly.  I ordered the fabric, the minky, found a tutorial and then nothing….

I think it was because the tutorial scared me off a bit- it said the minky fabric was super hard to sew.  Nothing frustrates me more than my sewing machine jamming and spending hours trying to figure out how to fix it- who would decide to do that for fun?

Last weekend Tim was away, Ryan was at a playdate, and Julia was napping, so I decided to give it a try.  It really wasn’t hard at all actually.  I did the whole thing in just a couple of hours – which is awesome considering the amount of times I had to stop & help one kid or the other.  I mean, the fabric is super slippery, so it didn’t turn out perfect or anything (try not to look at the bottom side), but no frustrating sewing machine experiences :) My version of sewing includes no measuring or patterns – too high maintenance.

Of course Ryan came home from her playdate, and decided she needed a blanket first, so we added an “R” for Ryan.  Poor Julia is still waiting for hers…. so that goes back on my list.  Don’t tell her – she hasn’t caught on yet :)

Minky fabric-

Green fabric- Waverly home decorating fabric

Blue/Grey R fabric- Amy Butler

PS- A few of you commented on the podcast I mentioned in my last post.  Here is a link to the website– you can either listen there, or subscribe in itunes.  I highly recommend it- they always interview the big people like Ali Edwards, Stacy Julian and Cathy Zielske, and it’s just interesting to listen to their perspectives on things.

I also had mentioned the magazine Scrapbook Trends in that post- it’s a little pricey, but they have online access at a much lower price- here is a link to a FREE download of their December issue (at the bottom middle of this page).  Still not sold on the whole online magazine thing – I kind of like flipping through magazines, but this one you can bookmark, download to your computer & print.

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