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Project Life January

A few more weeks into Project Life this year, and I am feeling much more comfortable with the process. Not trying to make every page coordinate, or original, just trying to get it documented. One thing I’d like to focus on more is the longer stories rather than what we did every day. I find that I have less interest in regular scrapbooking now, but I feel a bit like I’m missing some of the bigger stories.

Using lots of the free journaling cards that people have out there, plus some of my favorite stamps to make my own. Also loving the new Martha Stewart Avery labels- using lots of those. And washi tape :)

This weekend I did get a couple of digital pages done – using Cathy Zielske’s interview templates. Love this and love that I will have a few years to look back on. I attempted to interview Julia this time, which was kind of hilarious. Should be funny to read next year.

An interview with Ryan.

Recently I’ve been focusing lots of time on Project Life and some card making. There hasn’t been much time (or the need) to do any other types of projects. I feel like Project Life captures so much of our family life, that there’s not often more that I want to document (this is my favorite thing about it)!

A few weeks ago, I saw this template on Cathy Zielske’s blog. I loved how she did an interview with her kids, but her kids are older – I never really thought it would be useful for me now. Still, I decided to give it a try. I sat down with Ryan at dinner one night with my notebook, and asked if I could interview her. I had to first explain what an interview was, but she was so very excited. We had lots of fun doing the interview. Afterwards she wanted to interview me, but got bored after the first question -ha!

Interview w Ryan copy

I threw in some pictures from the month,  including some instagram iphone pics. Love it- using the template it took me literally 15 minutes to finish this page, and done. Awesome. Plus it’s hysterical to read – even though this was just a couple weeks ago, already things have changed. Raisins? Doesn’t want anything to do with them anymore. This kid is 4, but already she’s been asking to go to Paris for over a year. And New York. Where does she get this stuff? She also asks to go to Disney World, so I know she’s not totally unusual :)

I can’t wait until we can interview Julia. Right now she’s picking up several new words a day, but not sure she’s ready for the pressure of an interview yet. So far, we’re happy if we get her to tell us what a cow says :)

2 Sickies and a Baby

So much for our Valentine’s date night tonight. My 4 1/2 year old is sick with a fever and cough, and my husband has now caught the stomach bug I had last week. So today in between taking care of my two sickies and the baby, I’m fitting in some craft time and some craft room organization/cleaning (Been working on that for a while actually). Maybe I’ll actually get it together and get a list up of my A Muse stamps that I have cleaned out and are for sale!

Going to make some Valentine’s cards tonight I think! Here’s a super cute Valentine iPhone printable I found – it wraps around a box of candy hearts -love it. Perfect for my techie iPhone loving husband ;) 

Here’s a quick digital scrapbook page I made using one of Crystal Wilkerson’s quick page templates (you can find them at She has started selling templates based off of Susan Weinroth’s paper scrapbook pages (who I love), and they’re great for a quick scrapbook page (one you can even fit in between taking care of the kiddos!)

Julia's Birthday copy

Those cupcakes are almost too embarrassing to put in the picture, but that’s what happens when you have a kid who can’t eat dairy, soy or eggs. Gummy cupcakes made with flaxseed -yech! They weren’t so bad until they cooled off, and then they got super gummy and chewy. Lucky for me, this was Julia’s first cupcake, so she had nothing to compare it too!

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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