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Year In Review Templates

Yesterday’s year in review digital page was so quick and easy to create, I decided to make one for each of the girls too. I really love seeing how much Julia has grown in the last year – since she was born on New Year’s Eve, her whole life so far is in 2010.

julia year in review 2010 copy

And Ryan turned from a toddler into a little girl right before our eyes. Somewhere around her 4th birthday in May she totally changed and lost that baby face.

ryan year in review 2010 copy 

click on pages to enlarge

Using the facial recognition feature in Picasa, it literally took me less than 30 minutes to create each page. The facial recognition stuff isn’t perfect, but it works for me- it’s great when you have so many photos- it gives you a close up of the person’s face so you can easily choose what you want. I didn’t fuss over it too much, and love the result. I think even if this were the only scrapbooking you did all year, you’d be happy.

Then I decided I couldn’t leave out the last member of the family, so I did one for Tim too.  I think this might be the first page all about him- oops, sorry honey :)

Tim year in review 2010 copy

These templates were 2009 templates from Paislee Press, and circle elements are from Ali Edwards. I chose a font that is similar to the one she used to update for 2010, and now I have a template that I can use each year. I don’t mind that the ribbon is always the same color – I’m not a huge fan of the realistic looking digi stuff, and I left it off of Tim’s all together (it was the least I could do;) ). I can also change the background paper when my tastes change -although it’s hard for me to imagine a time when I won’t love kraft paper :)

Happy New Year!!!

And Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet Julia!  It’s hard to believe we spent last New Year’s Eve in the hospital – with Daddy snoozing next to us on the plastic hospital couch, while Julia and I watched the ball drop on tv.  New Year’s was forever changed after that moment. This last year has been crazy, fun, and exhausting. I loved every minute of it!

Happy New Year!

Supergirl to the rescue….

This morning Ryan came downstairs wearing her swim coverup as a cape, and promptly announced that she was SUPERGIRL.  She then told me “Shhhh, don’t tell anyone”.  Totally love it. I love where she is right now- so fun, and so hillarious.

A few weeks ago she was riding in the car and asked Tim “How do boys fit their underwear over their peanuts?”  The conversation went downhill from there when poor unprepared Daddy tried to tell her the correct name for peanuts.  That’s when she said NO Daddy – PEANUTS!  Then she asked him if they folded up….

And just when I thought I’d gotten out of that tough one, today (again riding in the car) she says to me “Mommy- Daddy says peanuts are called a pen*s”….. oh dear.  That kid saves some serious deep thinking talk for the car.  She’s clearly been noodling on that one for a few weeks :)

Anyone still there???

Holy Cow, I didn’t realize it had been two months since I last  posted. Things are definitely busy with work, kids, and trying to squeeze in some time to be crafty. I tend to get distracted looking at all the inspiration on people’s blogs, and then lose an hour without even realizing it.

I have been accomplishing some crafting- so hope to post that here and there. I’ve got lots of different ideas and projects half started or in my mind- now just to find the time to get them all done!

Here is a close up of a Ali Edward’s kit I purchased on Cocoa Daisy.  It was a bit expensive, but I just love it- I especially loved that it came with everything you might need, and so I didn’t have to waste any time searching for supplies or agonizing over what paper to use, etc. (I tend to overthink…)

Here are some close ups…

I didn’t deviate too far from Ali’s original – mostly because I just loved hers, and also because I just loved the process of creating without having to think too hard.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer!


I wish I could find a way to write blog posts while I’m sitting in traffic. Then I could capture all the random thoughts and ideas that are floating around in my head while I’m driving, and not feel like I’m wasting so much of my life in my car. Then again, sometimes it’s nice to have some quiet time with my thoughts, time to just think instead of always going and always doing. Lately I’ve been halfway home before I realize I don’t even have the radio on- just enjoying the peace.

So many people ask me why on earth I live in New Hampshire. Especially because my office is in Boston (although thankfully, I don’t go there every day). I hated living here when I was in high school. I moved here in 9th grade and people were not as friendly as I was used to. I graduated college, moved to Boston and vowed never to turn back.

Tim & I got married, bought a condo outside Boston, and got a dog. But there was nowhere to walk the dog in our neighborhood- only pavement. As we started thinking about having a family, we looked for a house and realized that a halfway decent house was not something we could afford anywhere near the city. We came this close to buying a house in which the backyard looked onto a highway and a tollbooth, lights blaring into the backyard. I kid you not.

That’s when we decided to make the move- to the land of cheaper housing, with me going reluctantly. But now I love it. We have a neighborhood full of kids who play together every single day. Things are a tad bit slower, a bit less crowded, and much to my surprise, it suits me perfectly.

A New Chapter….

This is the end of my 3rd week back at work, and we are starting to settle into a new routine, a new normal. Tim has decided to stay home with the girls, while I am back at work four days/week (which is actually 40 hours, although only 85% salary- go figure). Still, I am thankful to have a job that allows me the flexibility to work part time and from home at times as well. You can follow his adventures as a stay at home dad here.

This time around it was both easier and harder to go back to work… so wonderful to know that Tim was home taking great care of the girls and I had nothing to worry about, but so hard to leave the three of them each day feeling like I’m missing out on our family together time. This week I feel like I’ve started to get into a routine, which is nice.

I’m sure you’ve noticed there are less crafty posts from me these days. There’s just less time to head up to my craft room, especially now that the weather’s nice and we are spending as much time as possible outside. I’m still dabbling in some digital scrapbooking which I’m enjoying ever so much, taking an online photography class with Tim, and expanding my photoshop skills. in my spare time ;)

For now I’ll leave you with this video of Ryan & her best friend dancing in our driveway to Dave Matthew’s Band “You & Me”….love it. Makes me cry every time :)

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