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Repurposed Magnet Board

IMG_5561 copy

I had this old metal magnet board that isn’t being used. It was covered in a lime green paper that just did not go with my green desk (wrong green).

I’d been trying to figure out what to do with it forever. I finally decided to re-cover it in my all time favorite paper from Paper Source. Kraft paper with gorgeous colors & type- what’s not to love?

IMG_5559 copy

Here it is when still wet. I put a coat of modge-podge down, then while still wet put the paper on, then 2 more coats on top. I didn’t do such a great job of working out the wrinkles/bubbles, but modge-podge is pretty forgiving. Once the coat dries, it becomes clear.

IMG_5568 copy 

Here’s the finished magnet board hanging up on the wall. It’s not perfect- but so happy that I get to look at my favorite paper every day.

Family Photo Canvas

Ever since we moved to our new house I’ve wanted a family picture on the front steps. So, with all the chaos of moving and having 2 little girls and a full time job, that didn’t happen for a couple of months (let’s just pretend in happened in July, right?)  In September, Tim finally set up the tripod and we got some really cute family shots. These days, I’ll settle for all people looking at the camera :)


I thought this one turned out great, so I ordered it on canvas from Easy Canvas Prints.

Love how it came out – what do you think? 


It was much easier than I thought, and I loved that you could crop the picture right on their website to make it easy to see everything that would appear on the canvas. I also had the image wrapped around the sides, although I think next time I would go for the option of having the sides be the deeper 1.5″. I just love how it turned out, and captures our family right now.

I have a whole wall of photos of the kids through the years in our mudroom (yay we have a mudroom!). This little nook needed something, but I couldn’t figure out what. The 11″ square canvas turned out great in this spot.

IMG_5230 copy

Right now they’re having a sale for 25% off and free shipping- love the free shipping!

Pom Pom Tutorial

Earlier this year I purchased a kit to make these for my daughter’s rooms from Martha Stewart crafts.

I love the end result, but once I realized how easy it was, I decided you soooo do not need a kit to recreate.

Here’s my 5 minute explanation – hopefully it makes sense, but please let me know if you have questions!

Buy some big tissue paper sheets (about 12 or so), leaving them in a big stack, accordian fold at about 1 1/2″

In the middle, wrap a wire around (the flexible kind like they use in floral arrangements, or a twist tie would work too), and leave some sticking out to hang the string off of.

On the ends of the tissue paper, cut a rounded or pointed edge (in the picture above, the rounded are the two on the right, pointed the one on the left).

Now, carefully start to pull individual sheets of tissue paper up towards the top, fluffing and arranging as you go. Do the same from the bottom, and keep working with it until you make a ball.  Be careful not to pull too hard or the tissue will rip, but even if it does you can usually hide it in the layers.  The more layers you add the fluffier it will be. Mine don’t look perfect, but that’s part of why I love them.

For smaller flowers, cut your tissue paper first so that it isn’t as big as the original sheets.

Would love to see some if you make any!

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