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Sea glass

Look here I am again!  Can you believe it?  Mind you, it’s taken me hours to write each post as I get interrupted a million times, but what can you do….

Have you heard of  I had never heard of it before, but I might be the only one – no big surprise there :)  It’s a blogging software, but it allows you to quickly and easily catalog images that you come across during your travels on the web, and save them and be able to get back to the original post… me that is AWESOME.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spend looking for some blog post that I vaguely recall, or how many great ideas I come across but then forget.  Now I can  keep track of all the eye candy I come across, and tag it, save it, and then go back to it later when I’m looking for something to inspire me.  You can also follow other people and see what they are coming across too – I could browse for hours.

Here’s a link to my Tumblr site so you can see what I mean- easily find the image you’re looking for!

I first saw this idea on Tumblr and decided to try it out this weekend.  It was so quick and easy, and I was able to complete it with just some cheap acrylic paint and old glass bottles/vases I already had in my basement.  I decided to stick with the beautiful pale blue/green color palette as it reminds me of sea glass – yum.  Nothing better than that color.

Here’s how mine came out….

What do you think?  Have you used Tumblr?  If so, please leave me a note to tell me what you use it for, and your Tumblr name- I’d love to find more people to follow :)

Happy December!

Yay, the holidays are here!!  Here’s my December calendar page, with one of my favorites – the skinny tree…

See my advent calendar post below too!

Advent Calendar

It’s hard to believe December’s here already.  Especially since that means baby is coming in just about a month- yikes!! So much to do before then!

Last year, Ryan and I made an advent calendar from a Martha Stewart kit, which was okay but sort of fell apart towards the end.  This year, I decided to make one of the Karen Foster advent calendars.  I love that we can pack it away and re-use it next year.

I used a mixture of papers and a bunch of number stickers and embellishments that I’ve been collecting as part of my December Daily album project.  That project will be a whole other post, as I haven’t even attempted to photograph that yet.  I think it’s because it doesn’t feel done at all, and it’s hard to tell where to stop without having the photos and journaling in there yet.

Some of my favorite numbers to use this year have been stickers from Little Yellow Bicycle – the round ones with silver (21, 24, 25, etc).  This surprises me because I’m usually not a sticker person, but I love the look of these.  I also love the look of having a mixture of sizes and colors all over, so I mixed those with my stash of American Crafts Thickers (see – I DO use them!), and some of the other numbers I picked up at Shabby Chic Crafts or on Etsy.

The papers are all A Muse, with the exception of the dark red (scraps), and white with red polka dots (Savvy notecards).  I used the green and red A Muse polka dot paper on the sides and back of the calendar as well, and had to mix in some of the green shimmer paper- yum!

The only challenging part is finding stuff tiny enough to fit into the little drawers for each day.  I don’t really want to use candy treats, so I’ve been putting in little stickers or some change for the piggy bank.  I also got an idea from another A Muse instructor to use little tickets for things to do as a family- like an ice cream night, reading a Xmas story, etc.  I love that idea, so I’m going to make some of those up soon.
What do you put in your advent calendars?

November Calendar

Here’s my monthly calendar page for November.  This is another one of my favorite month’s because Thanksgiving is hands down my favorite holiday.  No stress, just family and good food :)

Gotta love the Tom turkey – he’s just the cutest :)

Halloween Treats

This is one of the treat bags we’ll be making in this Friday’s class- Slick Tricks & Sweet Treats.  We’ll be making 3 treat containers and 2 interactive cards using some of my favorite A Muse Halloween images.

Details on the class are listed at the top of my blog- hope to see some of you there!


Channeling my inner Martha…

I sometimes like to pretend that I am just like Martha, and imagine that my projects will come out to look just like hers.  This never really works out the way I plan, but I carry on anyway.  Her Halloween projects are just about the coolest around.

Today Ryan and I decided to tackle one of my favorites- glittery pumpkins.

We used craft pumpkins from the craft store, and lucky for me Martha’s glitter (the best ever) was on clearance too.  Good thing cause we used a ton!

I decided to do this project outside since I knew it was going to get messy (and it was so gorgeous outside), but of course the wind blew every time I went to glitter something.  I am now covered in black & glow in the dark glitter :)

Ryan went for the glow in the dark glitter (which was unfortunately NOT on sale).  It came out so cool, although a little blotchy in places.  3 year olds (and Mom’s) aren’t as good at getting even coats of glue as Martha is.  It’s very cool in the dark, and we can’t wait to put it outside on Halloween night.  Hard to see in the picture but we tried to get a shot of the glow…

Have a great weekend!

Halloween Treat

Here’s a treat container I made for Halloween.  Bad picture, sorry.  I just love the A Muse Bernice stamp, and this Martha Stewart test tube container was perfect for her.  I filled it with Halloween M&M’s.

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