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Project Life February

Super busy time at work and lots of traveling this month. Still love finding a bit of time to put together my PL album- satisfies my need for some creativity.

This weekend when I was putting together my album on the kitchen table, I had two helpers. They were fighting over who got to look at the album first :) Mainly to see the Disney on Ice pictures, but still. Love that they are interested.

“Enjoy this moment” cut with my Silhouette SD and some American Crafts Pow glitter paper

Valentine card Ryan made for me at school & a note from her school about what they are studying in Feb

Decided to play along w/ Ali’s “a day in the life” but since I was out of town, I moved it to Friday. Ryan was home sick from school so it wasn’t a “normal” day but we went with it. Glad we did. Since we didn’t leave the house much it made it easier to document. Used Ali’s template from Designer Digitals and a free pdf from her website to document the day.


Had a ton of Instagram photos and just ordered the We R Memory Keepers 4×4 pockets – love that I can just throw these in with some little notes when I want, and not have to go to the trouble of putting them on a 4×6 piece of paper first.

The “monday” word art is my own handwriting – I got a bamboo stylus for my ipad and am totally in love that I can now make my handwriting into a brush. Looking forward to having more time to play.  It isn’t professional quality- I haven’t quite learned how to smooth/sharpen it in Photoshop Elements yet, but it is perfect when printed out in this size.

More instagrams, a Valentine from one of Ryan’s classmates, some Silhouette cutouts and the “notes” stamp from a new Studio Calico set which I think is sold out.

A special handmade Valentine waiting for me when I got home from my travels ;)

Another Instagram page- a trip to the American Girl store to revive some old doll’s we inherited from my Sister in law, and Ryan lost her first tooth! Big day :) She’s only been waiting for this day FORever :) She has had this note & box made up since Christmas.

Trip to Disney on Ice, Boston and first ride on a subway – BIG day in our house, and both girls were sound asleep within 5 min

The “have fun” and “SU” labels are from bananafishstudio I love her stuff- she had some of my favorite little bits for my December Daily album, and I’m happy I was able to snatch up some of these fun ones for PL. So happy she’s back up & running and excited for her rubber stamps that are coming!

Daddy had lots of adventures planned for the girls on school vacation while I was away, so I added lots of pictures and a summary of their week. Me, I had the stomach bug in a hotel room out of town- that was yuck :)

Whew, that was a big one. I find it hard to keep up with the posting of them, but love that it makes me think about the process. Although I love the instagram pages, I am so used to the other 4×6 style pages that it’s hard to work with when I am short on time.  I do want to mix it up a bit more- have been so inspired by people like Kelly Purkey.


Project Life January

A few more weeks into Project Life this year, and I am feeling much more comfortable with the process. Not trying to make every page coordinate, or original, just trying to get it documented. One thing I’d like to focus on more is the longer stories rather than what we did every day. I find that I have less interest in regular scrapbooking now, but I feel a bit like I’m missing some of the bigger stories.

Using lots of the free journaling cards that people have out there, plus some of my favorite stamps to make my own. Also loving the new Martha Stewart Avery labels- using lots of those. And washi tape :)

This weekend I did get a couple of digital pages done – using Cathy Zielske’s interview templates. Love this and love that I will have a few years to look back on. I attempted to interview Julia this time, which was kind of hilarious. Should be funny to read next year.

Project Life 2012

So last year I started Project Life- and I can’t believe it, but I finished it. Every single week. Even when we were moving, on a 2 week road trip, had sick kids, you name it. I love looking through the finished album – and so do my kids. They look through it more than any other album.

I love it so much, I’m not sure I’ll be making much in the way of traditional layouts. I’ve simplified it enough to fit into my busy life, but still make it creatively satisfying.
Here’s some pics of my 1st two weeks of 2012. I haven’t finished the cover page yet- work in progress. Not stressing about it though :)

Love this silhouette file I used to cut the Happy 2012. Another favorite is Marcy Penner’s digital journaling cards. I ordered a bunch of her badges as well which I love. They aren’t as thick as some of the others I ordered, so will be much easier to fit into the album without making it too thick.

Ryan is suddenly very interested in learning to read, so much of these two weeks is documenting that process.

Used one of Liz Tamanaha’s 4x6 free templates to make this collage of Julia’s first finger painting experience. It seems like everyone these days is doing project life, but one of the great benefits of that is so many free downloads to use.

This week I had some extra pictures of a cooking class we went to and decided to throw them onto a 6×12 insert. Back side is some of Julia’s finger painting samples.

This week I had some longer journaling from a phone conversation Ryan and I had on my commute home. Wanted to capture all the fun things we talked about, so when I got home I typed what I could remember in my Day One journal on my computer. Copied it into word and printed on some patterned paper in the top left pocket. Love this app- it synchs all my journaling btw my computer, phone and ipad. And each day it pops up with a reminder. It has been well worth the $1.99 and a good way to write each day. Plus, when I’m ready to document my PL, I just pull out my phone and everything I want to document is right there.

Some other great finds:

Found these free journaling cards which I printed out to add to my stash

My husband set up through a way for his and my instagram photos to download directly from our phones into a dropbox folder on my computer. Now I don’t have to go in and copy his iphone pics to add them to my week.  Don’t understand how it works or what he did, but it’s awesome.

Martha Stewart has just released some Avery office products. Ordered a ton of labels for PL from Staples- much cheaper than the scrapbook version and what I use a ton of. They are slightly lower in quality for sure (not as thick or as nice of a finish), but work great for my album. You can see one in the bottom right.


Project Life Update

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted any Project Life pictures, but I’ve been keeping up and so very happy for that. I recently went back & looked at the first half of the year and was so grateful that I had stuck with it. This has been a huge year of change for us- new house, new state, Julia about to turn 2 and Ryan in kindergarten. There were so many little things that I had forgotten already. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

IMG_4061 IMG_4062

(email Ryan asked me to draft to her grandparents :)

IMG_4064  IMG_4065


IMG_4303 IMG_4304


Apparently I forgot to take pictures of the May/June pages – but that was busy for us -putting the house up, moving, etc. Will post more of my 2nd album, which I started in July.

I am also going to be working on my December Daily album – for the 4th year in a row. Can’t believe it’s been that long. Love love love this project. I will be posting my pictures from that here and in the Flickr group. I ended up buying the Studio Calico kit – mainly because I love the idea of having an album. I will most likely use a lot of my stash and the album. Last year’s album is still unbound in a plastic bag because I never could find any rings big enough to bind it – I just need to use some twine & be done with it….

Project Life goes on

Here are a few more shots of my Project Life album. Definitely still sticking with it, although sometimes life gets in the way. Definitely going with the flow and still finding it enjoyable, which is good.  I have started using the iphone app Momento, which brings in your tweets, facebook posts & you can also save little notes. You can export the data & back it up too, so it’s good to jot down a funny thing one of the girls says while you’re out & about. Trying to be better about using that. Another thing that helps is just writing quick notes down on little post its, and putting them in the drawer with my PL supplies. At the end of the week, I have those to remind me of the little notes I want to write.

Another thing I’ve found helps – my husband uses an app called Path. It emails me little notes & a photo of things that they do throughout the day. It also posts onto my facebook (but only those who you grant access can see it). It’s like social networking for the family only- micro something he called it :) It’s great for knowing what’s happening in their day while I’m at work. I just wish you could download the photos from there, but you can’t.


A fun iphone camera filter my husband found. Some funny pics from a St Patrick’s Day visit to the chiropractor, a nametag from a work event, & an acceptance email from Paper Crafts (yay!)


snow again (ugh), and a date night- yay!


Ryan & Daddy left some cauliflower in Grammy & Grampy’s mailbox as a joke. They keep trying to feed it to her, and she wants nothing to do with it ;)

Anxiously awaiting a playdate, & a family trip to Boston to the Children’s Museum.


Yummy dinner, cool shot of Ryan & I on the carousel, driving over the Zakim Bridge into Boston, swings.


A flower fairy celebration Daddy came up with was a big hit. MORE snow (ugh) and Ryan’s specially selected treat for a gathering of friends at our house.

Playing catch up…

With my Project Life. The good thing is, I’m still loving it. I don’t mind if I miss a week and catch up on a couple weeks at a time. At this point I have it down to a pretty good process, so I do a few steps here and there. Printing pictures is usually the part I save for last (my least favorite).









Usually we have enough pictures from the week, especially with the iPhone pics. During the week I take some time to jot down a few notes or stories from the girls that I want to add in. Keeping the little journaling cards downstairs near the kitchen has been a huge help in that area. I really enjoy all of the little stories that are getting told, little pieces of the girls’ personalities that I wouldn’t normally have time to document and would soon forget.

Have a great weekend!

Project Life {continued} & a Sale


I have a ton of A Muse stamps for sale, as well as some Nestabilities and PaperTrey Ink stamp sets. Almost everything is 50% off the retail price, if not lower. You can find everything that’s up for grabs here. You can also click on the For Sale tab at the top of the header on the blog. Please email me if you have any questions!

Here are some shots of the Feb 5-11 week, and the first half of last week. Just need to print one more picture to finish off the end of last week.


Included the tickets from a Disney on Ice performance and lots of journaling about visits with friends, etc. Love that I’m getting these little stories out before they’re just gone or sitting on my “to scrap” list forever.


A watercolor picture my daughter painted at school, some random ephemera- receipt from morning coffee run, Ryan’s ski pass from her lessons, email from Paper Crafts Magazine accepting two of my cards for publication – woohoo!!! That was the first time I’ve ever submitted anything, and I was so so so excited to be chosen. Can’t wait to see it in print.  This is another story that I know would never get told but now I trimmed part of the email, wrote some journaling on a sticker and slapped it in there- done. Awesome.


This next week was tough- my daughter had a fever for literally eight days straight, and my husband had the stomach flu for the weekend. Still, managed to get a few pictures in and put in some little thoughts about what we did to cheer up my 4 year old while she was out of school sick for so many days. Included one of her Valentine’s that she sent to school for her friends.  I’m loving mixing in some shots from my iPhone using the Instagram app – such a cool look. Also makes my iPhone pictures look better, since I have the 3G version with the not-so-nice camera.

I got an Instax camera for Christmas, and added in a shot from that too – perfect size for this album. I just need to play with it some more to learn how to best take photos with it. Problem is the film is expensive so it’s not like you want to take a ton of pictures to learn how. When’s the last time you’ve had to think about the price of film and making sure you have enough? Funny huh?


My daughter likes to tell me what of hers I can “put in your album”. She colored this picture for me during one of her sick days, and told me that it needed to go in my album. I was happy to put in an 8.5×11 page protector and stick it in. I’m usually told to take her things out since she likes to save them – which is why we have about 100 school papers and projects floating around the kitchen.


One of my favorite accidental discoveries was using these days of the week stamps from Studio Calico. I stamped the day in Jenni Bowlin Malted Milk ink, and it came out way too light colored to read. So, I inked it up again with the Memento London Fog and stamped on top – since it was clear I could almost get exactly over the original words. But, a few of the edges have the malted milk cream color sticking out, and I just love the vintage feel of it – so much so that I keep doing it over and over! love happy accidents :)

Project Life Process & Questions Answered


Thank you all for all of your sweet comments on my Project Life album. It’s so fun to hear from so many people that are doing the project too.

Some of you asked questions that I wanted to answer.  If you have more, please feel free to post them and I’ll try to answer them!

Heidi asked:  I love how u r printing pics the size of journaling cards…can u share how u r doing it?

Heidi, I use Picasa, which is a free photo organizing software from Google. I actually bought Lightroom on a Black Friday super sale at Amazon, but haven’t quite learned how to use it yet! In Picasa, I will either print a wallet sized photo (around 2.5 x 3.5 inches) by checking that size option when I go to print, or print a 4×6 photo and trim it to the size of the journaling card pockets. You can either print those from home, or upload them straight from Picasa to a web service. If you have Photoshop Elements, you could certainly use that and just open a new document the size of the journaling cards.

Lesley said: And I would love to see your personal scrap stash! What beautiful products!

Oh Lesley, I have a stash for sure! I’ve been going through a lot lately and clearing out to keep only what I will really use. My tastes have changed over time, and I felt like I was getting overwhelmed by the amount of patterned paper and other stuff I was holding on to, even if I hadn’t used it for years. Some of my all time favorite products that I keep going back to are from Studio Calico. I just love their style, and their stamps, stickers and papers have become a favorite. One of my most-loved stamps for the Project Life project is the days of the week stamps that are unfortunately no longer for sale. I also love October Afternoon’s stickers for adding a quick bit of journaling to a photo.

So, I feel like after a few weeks doing this, I’ve gotten into a good rhythm that seems to work.

When I’m feeling like being crafty but am too tired to create, I’ll often pull out some patterned paper and make some 4×6 cards for the dates, or some journaling cards. I try to use some neutral patterns that I can write on top of.  I might use favorite stamps in pale grey or Jenni Bowlin Malted Milk ink as a background. 

My craft room is on the 3rd floor, and during the week I rarely get up there. So, I’ve pulled together a little stash to keep on the first floor. An old paper trimmer, some adhesive, letter & journaling stickers, and some of these pre-cut patterned papers. A couple nights a week, I will sit down to write out some thoughts on journaling cards. When my daughter comes home from school with her stuff she usually tells me what I’m “allowed” to put in my album ;) Those things I set aside too.

For other nights, I might upload pictures and star ones that I like and might want to use. I really don’t do any editing on the photos as it’s too time consuming to pull them into PSE and edit. I’m hoping to get some time to figure out Lightroom, and then I can do all my editing in one place.

Fridays are my days off, so while my oldest is in preschool and the baby is (hopefully) napping, I head upstairs to the craft room to print my photos and put everything for the week in the album. Sometimes this doesn’t get done, but usually I can manage to do it over the weekend. I love that it’s not too involved, so it really only takes a few minutes.

I tried sending my photos out to Snapfish for printing one week, but honestly- it took 5 days for them to come back, so by that time I was already way too far into the next week. I think if I do that again, I’ll just send them to Walgreen’s and pick them up. For now at least, I like the convenience of being able to print them on demand here.

Would love to hear what ideas you’ve come up with to make the process work for you!

And since you made it all the way through that post- here’s a picture of the cute and super easy mustache lollipops we made for Ryan’s Valentine treats @ school. Poor kiddo is still sick- can you believe it? Luckily we were able to pick up her Valentine’s at school to cheer her up.


Project Life continued

I’ve been doing really well keeping up with my project life – even surprising myself. I found that the key for me is keeping some little cards around the house and jotting notes down when I remember. I also found that what keeps me wanting to do this project is making my own little notes and  cards, using my stamps and creativity a bit.







I’ve also found that I’ve gotten into a routine which is good. I don’t stress about the taking pictures- usually we have a good assortment from a week anyway. I go through them about once per week then star the ones I want to use that week. Finding the time to print them is the least favorite part of this process. I’ve also found that I’m more willing to experiment with things on these small cards & mini layouts. If I don’t love the way it turns out, that’s okay – I just move on to the next week. I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve already forgotten when I turn back to look over the first few weeks- funny things the girls said, or how much the baby has changed in a short time. So fun. Love that.

Project Life

So I’ve been working on a few things lately- one is Project Life. I haven’t really wanted to do this project in the past – it was too overwhelming. This year I’ve decided just to try it and see – no pressure. The last thing we need in life is more stress.

Here’s some of my pages so far – I liked Ali Edward’s title page, so I made one very similar. It was a it too intimidating to start this big album without using some inspiration.

Here’s what I’ve found works for me so far. I do try to take a picture each day, but don’t get worried if I don’t have one. Usually between my husband and I, we can find one. I don’t always have a picture for every day, and sometimes I use one from another day, or put in pieces of life instead like receipts, Ryan’s school work, etc. I also think letting myself be creative by making my own little canvases makes a big difference. The creativity is the part I love about scrapbooking, so I don’t want to take that out of my process. It’s definitely something I need in my life.

That being said, having these little mini canvases is awesome- I have just enough time in a day to pull together a little 4×6 or small card. It gives me time to be creative and also give me my creative fix, without taking up too much time.

As you can see, lots of our story has been about snow this year – snow days and snow are everywhere. Hello New England :)

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